Who Needs Marriage

Well, being in a Telugu household gets tougher and tougher for any single person after they cross the threshold age of 25. Whatever your gender might be you will be facing only one question, “When are settling down? ” Settling down, means getting married and starting your own cycle of production as a family. As many fail to dodge such questions and answer them eloquently, these hot heroines are able to manage to do so. While they have crossed their thirties, these heroines manage to still look million bucks on screen and carry us into a dreamland. Let’s look at them for some inspiration,

Shriya SaranShriya SaranThis lady manages to send major green alarms of jealousy, down the throats of many young women as they cannot look like her, even if in their dreams. Shriya Saran, the gorgeous ever beautiful actress, turned 34 in biological age but still manages to look as hot as ever. A person unaware about her debut in 2001 cannot believe that she has never aged seeing her in Gautamiputra Satakarni. Still, the actress thinks about her business and acting career rather than, ‘Settling down!’

Charmy KaurShriya SaranThe charming actress of Telugu Film Industry, with gorgeously wide smile, Charmee Kaur also started her career pretty early, at the age of 15 to be precise, but still after crossing 26, she wants to concentrate on her career more than ever. Whenever she asked the question, she says, “I need my independence financially and socially too. So I won’t marry anytime soon!”

Anushka ShettyAnushka ShettyGorgeous and tall beauty, Anushka managed to build a palace in the hearts of her admires and rule them as “Queen”. She entered at the age of 24 in the industry and being a yoga instructor she was the best among the heroines in fitness and due to her height she was deemed fit to act with seniors and present top heroes alike. Even after becoming highly successful as Arundhathi, Rudrama Devi and Deva Sena in Bahubali franchise, she still is looking at her career growth than ‘Settling down!’

Tamannah BhatiaTamannah BhatiaTamannah knows how to dodge the questions regarding her age and marriage. She easily diverts the topic by cracking jokes and when someone asked her about her marriage, she replied with a question, ‘do I look that old to you?’ Well, she did not just dodge the question she replied saying that she will not even allow such thought come to her mind in near future.

Hansika MotwaniHansika MotwaniThe young actress who also started her career young and faced a public break up with actor Simbu seems to be in no mood to talk about marriage too. She felt offensive, when someone asked her about the same and replied, “I am just 25 years of age and not an old woman to think about marriage. I will announce if any such thing is happening in my life”

Kajal AggarwalKajal AggarwalKajal made a name for herself with many characters like Mitravinda in Magadheera and had been part of many other top grossers too. She even got her younger sister Nisha Aggarwal married to her love but never did she even mention about her marriage or love life in public. She said she values her parents more and whenever she is ready for marriage, they will find the suitable person for her.