What I do with my body is none of anyone’s business : Shruthi Haasan

Shruthi Haasan has been one of the biggest and popular South Indian actresses these days. She even debuted in Hindi films and been successful with one film per two years. She is know part of her father’s production, Sabhash Naidu. She had to take time off for two to three months, as her father Kamal Haasan undergo a surgery for his knee after getting injured badly on the sets. She did Katamarayudu and a Hindii film, Been Hogi Teri in the mean time, till Kamal recovered.

Now, the actress is once again hearing scripts as she walked out of her Mega epic budget film, Sanghamitra. The actress said, “I don’t want to talk about my past and Sanghamitra is my past. I’m looking forward to different opportunities now and you will hear about many more films later. Working with my dad, i realised I can do much more with my skills and he helped me in understanding the character. I could never relate to my character in the movie as it was highly rebellious and I never had such problem with my parents.”

The actress revealed that she is in love with her body and showing it off doesn’t mean that she has given everybody a permission to judge her. About the trolls she said, “I may whatever i please with my body and it is nobody’s work to talk about it. However comfortable I am I would love to live like that. Social media really is a part of our reality and way of communication. I’m happy that people are following me but they do need to have some sensibility.”
Abut her father’s Bigg Boss and hosting debut on Television, the actress said she loved him in that and TRPs are an example of that.

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