We shouldn’t forget who we are Says Anupama Parameswaran

Anupama Parameswaran has been one of the few easily accessible celebrities on social media. She is an addict who uses Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok on social media regularly. She even conducts chat sessions regularly on Twitter to keep her fans well informed.

She recently talked to a media outlet about #MeToo and she said, “Many actresses are here from a long time living their lives based on Industry. Aren’t they all living happily?

The industry is not different to different people. It is the same for everyone. Like in every other workplace you will find good and bad people, here too. So, one cannot say that everything is wrong here and elsewhere everything is perfect.

You have to know your limits and boundaries. You can’t just think that you will be successful overnight and find easy ways to do so. You have to be patient and hope things fall in place,” concluded Anupama.