We need not worry about budget : Praveen Sattaru

Praveen Sattaru, the director who became famous with Chandamama Kathalu and Guntur Talkies, took time for his next. The movie starring Rajasekhar and Pooja Kumar as leads, PSV Garuda Vega is his next offering. The movie is releasing for 3rd November and the director talked to press about the movie.

He said that he got the idea ten years ago when he is watching Magadu, movie to find out the best thrillers made in Telugu. Then he decided to take his time to work on the idea and thought it would be a perfect sequel to the movie. Still, as he felt it is better to make it as his own movie, he decided against using Magadu reference. He then talked about the issues he faced to make the film. “We did not know if a producer will come on board for this movie but had a belief that this will be a good film for our Telugu audience.

Then he lamented again about the censors and hoped that people will try to change the guidelines at least now. When asked about the budget, he said, “I really don’t understand why we should worry about budget. A literally unknown director makes a movie like Arjun Reddy on 4 crores with an upcoming hero and the movie collects 30 crores. In such situation, content is proven to be the king and we should concern more about it. I still understand why a director should worry about the budget as it is line producer’s duty to make a budget. It is this stupidity in our producers that makes me more concerned about making a good movie.”