Vithika Sheru shares her side of the story!

Recently, actress and wife of actor, Varun Sandesh, Vithika Sheru has been said to have attempted suicide due to some financial and martial troubles. Both the actors had a love marriage last year and problems in their marriage this early stunned everyone. Some suggested that the actor has scolded and hit her violently as well. Since, the actor is going through a bad patch in his career, the actor has turned frustrated and hit his wife, reported few media channels.

Vithika Sheru cleared all the rumours and said, ‘she is fine’ but still the news did not stop spreading and she is unable to control the amount of messages and phone calls she is receiving over the days. So the actress finally spoke to media and she said, “i and Varun are totally happy with our relationship. There is no issue between us and I don’t understand why people cannot understand that. All that happened was I came to India from US and due to long flight, I was jet lagged. So I informed to my mother and my husband that I’m taking sleeping pills to get some rest.

“They said fine and I overdosed because I could not get sleep on two tablets. As it goes, i could not wake up for long time and my mother panicked. She took me to the hospital and there I woke up soon after. I have talked to my husband and sent a photo off me pretending to be seriously ill to my friend over WhatsApp and the next thing, I know the photo is everywhere and news has spread like wild fire. I and my husband are happy with each other and he did not come with me as it is Ashadam. Please do not exaggerate the facts, I request to all the media channels.”

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