Vithika Sheru is alive and happy!

Varun Sandesh married his lady love Vithika Sheru last year and the couple have been happy ever since. Actor Varun Sandhesh after his popular outburst onto the scene with hits like Kotha Bangaru Lokham and Happy Days, had accepted many movies but not many of them worked for him at the box office. The actor is now looking to deliver a good comeback film as soon as possible.

While he is concentrating on that, gossip mongers have come up with a news that Varun Sandesh has been harassing his wife and the lady unable to get through the depression has committed suicide too. They even shared that the actress who starred with him in movies like Paddadandi Prema Lo Mari, is in critical condition in ICU and the visuals have become viral on the social space all day.

As the reports have gone overboard, the normally silent actress reacted on Twitter and Facebook strongly, asking the gossipmongers to stop spreading baseless rumours and also understand the basic sense of news. As if they had anything against her husband, they could have clarified from her. She stated that she is happy with her husband and they don’t need any counselling or divorce going further. We appreciate her quick response and ask the gossip mongers to be responsible in the news they spread!

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