Could Viswaroopam 2 come before Kaala?

Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth have been great real friends and reel rivals. If one scored a hit, another scored a blockbuster. If one got National fame another too also earned such fame. Kamal went way ahead of the game with his acting experiments during early 90’s but Baasha changed the equation in favour of Rajnikanth and made him the biggest Superstar at the box office and Kamal couldn’t reach to that level.

But whenever he delivers he delivers a massive blockbuster because of the name he earned across the Industries. His Viswaroopam released in 2013 and became a massive hit and he is hoping to repeat the same success with part 2, in 2018. The movie had to wait for a long time to clear off the financial problems and Kamal Haasan himself is releasing the movie. He completed the remaining shoot of the film recently.

On the other hand, Rajnikanth did not deliver a box office shaking blockbuster after Robo/Enthiran. He has now 2.0 and Kaala in his arsenal. While 2.0 is still getting ready, Kaala is ready for release. Still, if the movie will release for 27tn or June 15th is a big issue. Now, we hear that Viswaroopam 2 might release for May end and Kaala release for EID as 2.0 might release for Diwali.