Vishal might tie knot next year!

Vishal the actor, took an oath to not marry till he completed the construction of new building for Nadigar Sangam during his election campaign. With his fellow actors, Nasser, Karthi, Ponvanan and others he took over the reins in a rather open political battle. Senior actor like Kamal Hassan gave him support outright and the team won the election.

After almost two years, the team announced that Nadigar Sangam is now debt free and they can start construction of their own building. The foundation stone was laid for the same and the team looked extremely pleased with their progress. Even though they received flake for the way, they conducted few operations, this is said to be the biggest achievement by the young team.

Emotional Nasser announced that the construction of the building should be completed by the end of 2018. He also said that actor Karthi worked overtime balancing his acting assignments and the Nadigar Sangam work. About Vishal who was instrumental in all this, he said the actor is still thinking about getting married at the function hall in the new building and hopefully, he will get married by the end of 2018.

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