Vijay to get into controversy?

Vijay Devarakonda has become a controversial actor ever since Arjun Reddy’s first trailer has come out. His language in the teaser became objectionable and even his comments against the censor board have made many think he is arrogant and rude. But all that turned into a big positive as the movie, Arjun Reddy is liked by youth and he is developing himself into a brand with the popularity he gained.

The actor once again for Geetha Govindam has stirred up a potential controversy. The movie released ‘What the F’ lyrical song on 26th July and the lyrics written by SriMani have some statical statements on women with mythological characters like Sita and Sati Savitri as examples. Even though the song brings out the frustration of a male, in today’s sensitive world, it could cause a huge problem for the makers too.

Many right-wing activists have announced many times that attacking Hindu culture should stop and they will do anything to achieve it. Even though this song might not be a big issue for them when compared to getting publicity out of the situation. So, we have to wait and see, how they will react and what will be counter-reaction of the movie team. Already, plagiarism allegations are high on the movie, directed by Parasuram.