Vijay Devarakonda’s brother to debut?

If one person from a family, can get to a position after a lot of hard work, not just he or she, but entire family finds several opportunities opening up for them. We see this being the case in every other family in Telugu Film Industry and other Industries as well. Even in daily routine lives, we find such people who get a red carpet welcome just because they are family members of a certain person we like.

Now, Vijay Devarakonda after a long hurdle race found a success that brought him an image and he is carefully trying to build on it. His brother, Anand Devarakonda will debut as a hero and the take away from the discussions of the insiders is that Anand got this opportunity, more because of his popular brother. We cannot just conclude that it is just Vijay’s popularity that worked in favour as we still haven’t seen Anand’s potential.

Anand Devarakonda is debuting with Dorasani and the movie will be directed by KVR Mahendra, it seems. One of the producers of Pelli Choopulu, Yash will be producing the movie, it seems. Nothing has been made official yet. We have to wait and see, if this news turns out to be a gossip or if there is truth to it.