Vidya Balan with Rajinikanth!

Rajnikanth is not just a superstar but an enigma himself. He can demand an opening with his mere presence in a movie and Kabali is the latest best example for that. The movie is considered as a box office hit even thought it got trashed by critics because of his star power and his son-in-law, Dhanush is now planning a sequel for the movie. The director, Pa. Ranjith is thrilled about it and he is busy in scripting the sequel.

The director promised fans that he will retain all the swag of Rajnikanth they loved from the movie and add more to the story that was found wanting in the film. Many of the fans are eagerly waiting for Shankar’s 2.0, which completed shooting recently. The movie is scheduled for Diwali release and some time next year, Kabali2 will hit the screens. What will be the story and who will act beside Thalaivar, this time? Are the questions asked by many fans to any media person who claims to be in the know.

Well, we cannot talk about the story, as we do not know if Ranjith completed the script or not. But the director is trying hard to get Vidya Balan in his film it seems. According to sources, the director has a strong female character to play beside Rajnikanth and he can only imagine Vidya Balan to match eye to eye with the superstar. And there is a chance for another heroine too it seems. He wants one them to be Vidya Balan and the director will meet her with script sometime soon. Yesteryear actress, Khushboo will also be part of the project and her character will be very crucial to the progression of the story.

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