Vidya Balan does handle body shaming with smile. Why?

Vidya Balan in one her recent interviews, talked about the body-shaming and casual advices she has to face for being fat. She exclaimed that she gets so frustrated that she wants to shout, “F**k off, you know nothing” at them.

She said, “I am like everyone and even though acting is my choice, I’ve my limitations and I’ve accepted them. I do have problems like many do and one is hormonal issue.

It is not easy for me to reduce weight and that irritates me too. I don’t like to be fat, but that is how my body adjusts and behaves. I do try a lot and when people look at me as if I am lazy, I get even more angry. But I don’t want that to come out in public. Hence, I smile cover it up.

Right now, she is part of NTR Mahanayakudu, Thala59 with Ajith Kumar and she is also doing a film about a famous mathematician, Shankuntala.