Vennela Kishore to replace Brahmi?

Vennela Kishore is the most popular comedian these days who achieved a great connectivity with the audience. He debuted with Vennela and he made great progress from being a side artist to the actor who has great potential to sell the movies on his name. Movies like Ami Thumi and Keshava have marketed their movies with him as the centre of the attraction.

Now, the actor seems to be the only comedian with a great saleability that Brahmanandam, Sunil, Sapthagiri have achieved over the years. Even Babu Mohan and few others have achieved such status but for the long time, only Brahmanandam have been able to make sure that he is in demand for over two decades and now, Vennela Kishore could attain such status.

Brahmi with different roles has become the biggest comedian ever to grace over the years and with Vennela Kishore using the space created by Sunil and Sapthagiri trying to become the leads, he could be the healthy replacement for the delightful Brahmi.

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