Venkatesh-Teja movie postponed?

Venkatesh Daggubati is one of the most popular senior heroes in Telugu Cinema right now. He has confined to find different roles and subjects to go forward. He is taking a break and meeting many young and established directors to finalise his next film. He finally agreed to do a film with Teja but the director also got the opportunity to make NTR Biopic.

As it is a much bigger and important film, the actor did not want to force the director to complete his film and then start NTR movie. Even though that was the first scenario, with the delay to start the shoot, the actor has decided to ask Teja to finish off NTR biopic and then start their film from August.

In the meantime, Venky has decided to do a film with Puri Jagannath and the director will join the discussions once, he completes his production, Mehbooba with his son, Akash Puri. This movie in the combination of Venky and Puri will be completely different than we can expect. Once he finishes this film and Teja, finishes work on NTR biopic, Venky-Teja film will start shooting as per the latest reports.