Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema postponed?

Varun Tej and Sai Dharam Tej are the next generation heroes from Mega clan and they have been pitted against each other this February. But the makers of the two movies have decided to not eat up into each other’s business at least on the first day. So, to give one day breathing space to Inttelligent, Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema is said to be postponed by a day.

The movie will now, release on 10th of February and on 9th, Inttelligent will release as per plans. The makers wanted to release wide and as the theatres availability will scarce with Mohan Babu’s Gayatri also, releasing on 9th, one of the two teams had to decide to slightly delay their film. Also, as both the actors are family members and close friends, they also asked their makers to see if the clash can be averted.

As both the producers put in a lot of money in producing these two films, they decided to not lose out on the long weekend, in Overseas and Mahasivaratri Holiday, domestically, that fall in the first week of the film. So, by postponing by one day, few extra theatres will be given to Inttelligent and Tholi Prema will also be able to find its audience as it is a complete love story. Anyways, the official confirmation is awaited and it will most probably be announced by 31st of January.