How can one justify violence? Can you say it is right to kill a human being under any circumstances? Well only god or the creator can only say an answer to this!

PLOT : Once upon on a time in Vijayawada, there were political aspirants from one community who tried to gain a upper hand on other. In the power battle it is common demonizing a person but here the two groups stopped at nothing. They killed each other and build groups on the corpses. This bloody tale of Vijayawada started with Vangaveeti Radha’s (Sandy) murder back in 1978. After that his brother Mohanranga (Sandy) took over the rein with the help of Devineni Brothers, Gandhi (Kautilya), Nehru (Vamsi Nekkanti) and Murali (Vamsee Chaganti) as Student leaders. The brothers and Ranga grow so close that they even help him marry his love Ratnakumari (Naina Ganguly). But the ego battles ruin the friendship and Radha eliminates Gandhi who is growing as a thorn for his leadership. Murali swears to avenge his brother. So what happens next and how? Should be seen on screen!

Performances : Ram Gopal Verma is known for his casting choices and yet again with the help of make up and determination of the actors, he brought in the literally the dead and alive on screen. The resemblance to them is uncanny and for this RGV should be given all due credit.

The actors Sandeep, Naina Ganguly, Vamsee Chaganti, Vamsi Nekkanti have performed really well. At times the sync between the lips and the sound was missing yet, the way they lived in the roles in highly commendable. If you know these people in real life, you will be surprised how well were they captured on screen. Stand out performer among all the cast was Sandeep aka Sandy.

Technicalities : SiraSri wrote the dialogues for the movie. They sound ridiculous at times going with the demand of the director we can say. He even wrote the lyrics for the film. At least dialogues were ok but lyrics were complete train-wreck. Ravi Shankar just recreated the old tunes of RGV films, BG scores for the film in RGV voice. Well the serious filmmaker in RGV is trying to make a comeback but here he is still covered in the rust and mud.

Story, Screenplay and Director by Ram Gopal Verma is better than his previous films but the vintage person who made Gayam, Sarkar is still hiding somewhere behind this rusty exterior. Actually in Vijayawada, the conspiracy of murders was never confirmed by either party and it was assumed to be them who committed the crimes and they accepted the following. Until Devineni Murali came into picture Ranga was just known as a great leader working for the upliftment of lower middle class and daily labours. Thats the reason his murder became a sensation and still a hot topic in the city.

Rather than concentrating on his leadership skills and shortcomings, Ram Gopal Verma looked at him just as a Rowdy and a ruthless egotistic person. Even Devineni Murali portrayal seemed a little too filmsy. Ram Gopal Verma who is a master in creating crime dramas tried hard to get back into his vintage form but his exposition heavy voice overs and singing just harms the narrative to no bound. The film falters in pacing and several scenes that could have been bettered with on screen presentation were spoiled by his exposition voice overs.

Analysis : Ram Gopal Verma is trying to make amend to the way he has been in recent past and at times in few sequences he shined. But still he needs to come out of the black clouds of rust and showcase his talent. Well this movie is strictly for the fans of RGV and if you know the story of Vijayawada you will be disappointed.

Rating : 2/5

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