Vaitla credits Mister flop to Vasthu?

People around the world do believe they need something or the other way out from their problems and start believing in whatever they can and whomever they trust. Srinu Vaitla who basically does comment on blind beliefs of youth and families regarding astrology, palmistry and others, proved himself to be one of the big believers and all that he show in his films are just to create some comedy at the expense of few naysayers.

These days he has once again hit rock bottom in his career like he did post Andarivadu with Megastar Chiranjeevi and this time it is not just one big film but continuously three biggies registering disaster collections at the box office had led him to think about the ‘real’ problem behind his change in fortunes. The writer-director did take a lot of interest in analysing and he figured out that from the time he moved out of his penthouse to new house in Jubliee Hills, he started struggling. He lost many offers, gave flops and disasters like Aagadu, Bruce Lee and now, Mister.

Well, he believes the vaastu in the house is not encouraging for his success and he has been failing due to bad vaastu in his new home. After, Aagadu he did consult few experts and changed few things in his home still, Bruce Lee failed! The director again took to some other experts of Vaastu and changed few things as well. Still, his Mister flopped big time. Well, the director is in dilemma about how to get rid of this bad karma and get back into good times. May be it’s better to concentrate on his scripts rather than Vaastu!

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