Samantha Akkineni has proved time and again, that she can pull off difficult and different roles with ease. She made it a point that she delivers a good performance in any role she takes up. U-Turn runs on her shoulders the most and lets see how she handled such pressure …

Plot : Archana (Samantha) a smart journalist gets obsessed with a flyover accident incident and starts investigating the story as a weird and interesting one for her job profile. She decides to take the help of DSP Pradeep Nayak (Adhi Pinisetty) and convinces him about the involvement of a mystery behind the accidents. What will the duo find out and how forms the rest of the story…

Performances : Samantha Akkineni is the biggest asset for the film. She did a great job in bringing out the difference from original to this version very well. But her voice did not suit the character much. This could be coming from us, who got used to a different voice on her face, but it did sound awkward. As a performer, she gave her 100%.

Aadhi Pinisetty is very good in the film and he proved that he is one of the performers in the Telugu Film Industry. He should continue on his delightful streak as an actor. Rahul is ok and rest all are aptly cast. Bhumika could have been better.

Technicalities : Niketh Bommireddy gave his best for the film. His visuals, compositions, and lighting concepts elevate the film and situations like anything. He is an asset for the movie.

Poornachandra Tejaswi seems to have thought he should give as loud BGM as he can possibly for the film. Had he restrained a bit, the effect would have been better.

Suresh Arumugam did his job well. He gave a smooth cut to the film and the flow of the film is very good. But he dragged few scenes that could have been cut crisper.

Pawan Kumar is a very good technician and he proved that again. Few directors can’t tell the same story with same intensity again but Pawan did not stumble. He laced the movie with nuances and made a film that we all can be happy to watch.

He tried his best to improve on the original when he is doing it for the second time but for 90% of it, he did the same and even though he repeated, he did not let the movie seem to be boring for even who have watched the original in Kannada. But all said and done, he should have improved on the climax.

Analysis : The movie deals with a very sensitive subject and tries to give a message with a very emotional ending. It tries to expand on the simple premise like a complete psychological thriller and succeeds too. The movie main drawback can be said to be a weak climax but director convinces us on the overall length of the film with gripping narration.

As the movie progresses from one scene to scene another we can feel the tension building without any cheap thrills and the way each scene unfolds and actors perform, this is one of the well-crafted films in recent times. A decent watch for the festive weekend.

Rating : 3/5

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