Upasana attributes her success to Charan

Ram Charan has a successful doting wife in Upasana Konidela. She is balancing her life as a business woman and also a star wife. She is also one of the pioneers in spreading awareness about fitness in women and men. She shared some of her secrets in achieving such balance in life in an interview.

“I love watching films. It’s special to watch Charan on screen and I will be left excited if he is praised. When one has an understanding husband, balancing professional and personal life is quite easier.

Charan is a kind-hearted man and marrying him is one of the best things that happened in my life. I am treated like a princess every day. We are married for seven years now.

My father-in-law Chiranjeevi is an exciting person and is an inspiration for many. He has huge respect for women,” said Upasana.