Ungarala Rambabu will entertain you with healthy comedy!

Sunil Varma, the comedian turned hero, is looking to deliver a box office hit film from long but he has been failing in that exercise as he is not working with a competent director on a competent script. He, finally decided to work with a director like Kranthi Madhav, who directed Onamalu, Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju. Both, the films are in two different genres and this one will be a complete comedy movie.

Kranthi Madhav talked to the press about the movie and said, “ After Onamalu, I understood I can only make ten films and decided all of them to be different from each other. I like Comedy a lot and to make one film in that genre, I needed an actor who can play the comedy effortlessly and to pull of an out and out comedy, you also need to have such team. i got them both with Ungarala Rambabu. Even though it took us some time to complete the movie and release it, I am confident that people will find it refreshingly funny.”

He continued, “ It is a story about a person who thinks more about tomorrow and tries to save every penny. He is not just looking for money but he is a miser. In life, you can’t think in terms of cash and money, all the time. That’s the storyline of the movie and my lead character will change from a miser to a person who shares things and believes in collective growth!” The movie Ungarala Rambabu will release on 15th of September.

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