Trivikram wipes out all doubts

Trivikram Srinivas had a humiliating flop with Agnyathavasi. He did have an option prior to the release of the movie fo bounce back with Jr. NTR film. But the humiliating result of Agnyathavasi made him work even harder and many people lost their trust in him.

So, even at the pre-release event, he decided to remain silent when Tarak exploded with emotion unable to hold back his tears. Trivikram maintained his composure and the trailer proved to be his real comeback into form.

He decided to concentrate on a mass action film rather than his usual family drama and the genuine excitement on the actor’s faces whoever were present at the function, said that Trivikram ensured that he used their talents really well.

The fans who had doubts on his abilities are now celebrating as the director did give a big impression that he is still the writer they can trust. The trailer recorded real-time views of 6.3 Million in just 20 hours and that shows how much it really attracted people and now, it did create a huge buzz.