Trivikram balanced everything well

Jr. NTR started promotions for his movie, Aravinda Sametha and he talked about his six pack body, vacation and the story of the movie. Firstly about the six pack he said, “During Jai Lava Kusa shoot I had to do three characters that look similar and also host a show. That made me resort to unhealthy food habits and I became fat.

Trivikram asked me that I should look fit in the role of Veera Raghava and I took it as a challenge. He asked to me just reduce some weight but I decided to stretch it further for being a symbol of health body. I just wanted to look healthy on screen and got a trainer who knows what should be done and what shouldn’t. So, I have a six pack body and I wish to be fit until I am working as an actor,” said the actor.

About Agnyathavasi, he said, “I have disasters and big hits in my career. I shouldn’t have been doing films if I started giving disasters so much importance.

Hits and flops are quite common and we have to take them as they come. I am sure Trivikram should have thought hundred times about each character and the story as I saw him work for the movie. He wrote a great story and good characters that will be remembered by many for the emotional value they contain in our film, Aravinda Sametha,” said Jr. NTR.

About the family vacation he said, “The past one month has been really hectic for me and my family. So, I would like to go to an undisclosed location for a vacation for at least a month. I need to have some personal time to process everything. The movie will have me as a College Student and Aravinda too is a college student.

What forced a college student Veera Raghava to take knife into his hands and fight will be the most emotional moment of the film. The second half will have galore of emotions and this movie will definitely move you to tears. There is loads of entertainment but Trivikram balanced everything well.” Aravinda Sametha is releasing on 11th October.