Tik Tik Tik

A movie is always about entertaining audience but it doesn’t mean that the filmmakers take audience for granted. There is a necessity for the filmmakers to respect the audience intelligence and also give the movie a chance to be loved and liked for its story and characters than force feeding them with some logic less action.


On a winter night, a metroid hits Vizag and people start to panic. A confidential information comes out another meteoroid bigger than the one landed on earth is about to hit the coast and ocean bed. This impact would cause a huge Tsunami that will kill more than 4 crores people. To stop it, Army has to procure a nuclear missile to blast the meteoroid and they have to smuggle it from another country’s Space Station that is orbiting earth.

Vasu (Jayam Ravi) and his con-artist friends are forced to hire and the Army gives them high intensity astronaut training in 5 days to launch the mission. What happens next? How will these con-men win in their mission and will they be tempted to sell off the missile to some terrorist groups? Watch the movie for answers …


Jayam Ravi is slowly becoming an uni-dimensional actor yet again. He is doing similar kind of roles that don’t really challenge his emotional skills but action skills. Even though theoretically he is experimenting, practically, he is still doing the same.

Nivetha Peturaj looks scary and ghostly in some of the weird close-ups in the movie. We end up wondering if her character has any relevance other than trying the hero and his crew. All others are used similarly like caricatures than real characters.


Cinematography by Venkatesh is good in the movie. We get to see his hard work in tandem with Art and VFX department. VFX takes major credit but the movie suffers with logiclessness in the sequences and VFX doesn’t add any believability to them.

Music by D. Imman is good but the loud sounds that the composer used feels like noise after a point of time in the movie. He does repeat one song in the BGM, the most and we feel it is really overused.

Editor Praveen saw that the movie doesn’t really slow down but his editing could have been crispy in action sequences.

Writer and Director, Shakti Sundar Rajan is known for attempting new things and new genres. Well, you can attempt all 10 questions in your paper but still end up failing in the Exam. Here, the director and writer, failed to make a decent attempt after setting up his story well. In his need to make the film, hero-centric, he diluted many sequences and ended up presenting a lame Space heist film, with zero value to astronomy and physics. He is the only man who could even think that from Moon to Earth we can travel in just one hour.


The most important part of the movie is the space threat to the mankind paralleled with a con-man’s conviction to be good and do good. While metaphorically, it sounds novel, even the sequences that depict such emotional rollercoaster ride should be good enough. We only get a heroic wink here and loud celebratory background score there, but nothing that is strong and convincing. In fact, if you’re a physics and astronomy enthusiast, you can watch the film for unintentional comedy it is. For others, it doesn’t hold anything new or interesting.

Rating: 1.5/5