Tholi Prema is a journey of 12 years

Venky Atluri met the press today about his movie, Tholiprema. He thanked the press for promoting his movie and shared his happiness for being able to give a hit film. He said, “Varun Tej believed me more than any other person. He stood by me and supported my vision. His support helped me to keep find the best possible crew and output for thus film.”

He also said, “I should thank my producers Bapineedu and Prasad garu, for constantly being with me. Then, I should thank Raashi for putting her heart and soul into this movie. It is her dedication that helped me bring out the love story really well. I did not come up with any unique story and I know that. My movie depended on execution and screenplay more as we have seen many love stories. For that I needed good Dop and I should thank George for that.”

He also said that his was amazed by Thaman’s BGM score as he was away still shooting by the time Thaman gave RR to the film. He said, “This movie is mu 12 years dream. I came into this field 12 years ago trying to find a career. I decided to become a director 6 years ago and now, Tholiprema has happened. We were apprehensive before finalising the title but once we were sure, we went ahead with the title and glad that we did not spoil the name of a classic. I am thankful to all the people who are praising my film and all their wishes are like blessings to me.”