This actress trains hard in martial arts!

Many actors go through different phases in their careers where some of them have it easy and don’t try to do many things to maintain their market in the field. On the other hand, some actors do anything and everything asked out of them, for a role. They reduce their weight spend rigorous hours learning different martial arts and try different things that will help to land the role. This young actress, Nyra Banerjee belongs to the second category.

The young lady is serious about her acting career and she wants to improve her skills and do whatever it takes to get the character right from her point. She acted in Kottha Janta before this and impressed one and other with her looks and glamour. Now, she has undergone rigorous hours of training in various martial arts for her next in the direction of Rawat. In the movie she is playing the character of a thief and she is the main lead of the film as per the team.

The source said, “The actress has come on board only after preparing herself in the martial arts and she is highly kicked about the action designed for the movie. Already, we have approached many actresses but none of them showed such enthusiasm and we are happy to have her on board and the shooting is going on in UK.” Eros is producing the movie and soon we will get to hear more details about the movie as per the source.

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