The Unsung heroes – Supporting Characters !

Telugu Films and in general any film don’t just rely on two lead characters to tell their stories but they need Supporting Characters who act as catalysts in proceeding the story and also making the movie a success.

These days Supporting Characters are also getting great preference in our Telugu films to make it a whole. These Characters can be comic, villainous and heroic sacrificers who help the story and the leads. Now let’s see some of the remarkable characters created by our telugu talents in recent years!

Gaali Seenugaali-seenuAllari Naresh is one actor in our Telugu Film Industry who has an untamed and unlimited potential to be a serious dramatic actor while being a comic. He got the best blend of the two elements to showcase his well known comic side along with dramatic action. He excelled as Gaali Seenu in Gamyam.

The character graph is designed brilliantly by slowly unleashing the layers of the character and giving it sn unforgettable end. Director Krrish made a great impression with his first film and created a character that we can never forget.

Gona Ganna Reddygonaganna-reddyThe story of Rudrama Devi, the warrior Queen of Telugu state Orugallu, Kakatiya Dynasty will be incomplete without the mention of Gona Ganna Reddy. In the film Rudrama Devi, Allu Arjun played the role perfect to the Tee. Even though he is a star hero, he took the supporting role with both the hands and he performed great. He even won awards for his portrayal.

Kattappa – SivagamikattappaSivagami and Kattappa are two unbelievable characters in our Telugu Film History. Bahubali film made a great impact on all of us, even though Bahubali, Ballaladeva were the leads Sivagami and Kattappa took the cake. Ramyakrishnan and Satyaraj lived in their roles and looked they were born to perform as the people. They brought to life two powerful characters ever.

Palem Venkannapalem-venkannaAnasuya vs Ananda Vihari, the full form of movie A..Aa.. written and Directed by Trivikram Srinivas, it is the character of this villain that makes the otherwise routine film very enjoyable and his last punches sum up the film and portrayal of Rao Ramesh for you. Rao Ramesh made the character his own with just two to three scenes and this is just a small example of his talent.

Satya MurthymurthyTemper is a movie that brought Jr. NTR into form after some bad movies. The character of the lead Daya in this film is a negative one for the audience to stomach and to balance out his struggle to be right and be an example, Satya Murthy was needed. As a faithful police officer, Posani Krishna Murali did make a career best effort and the character stays with us even after we come out of the movie.

Sher KhansharekhanSher Khan is one character that stood for unlimited passion and great friendship that lasted beyond the time itself. The Muslim King who invades the Kingdom of Bhairava, but becomes a fan of his strength, grit and heart. He makes him his friend but as he already given his word to the villain, helplessly watches him die for his love. In this role, Shrihari gave a memorable performance and we can never forget the movie.

Kill Bill Pandeykill-bill-pandeBrahmnandam these days, gave many memorable performances in different films in the characters specially created for him but nothing made a great impact than Kill Bill Pandey in Race Gurram. When everyone thought the movie is going to be slow and mellow from here with routine revenge drama, Kill Bill entered into the scenario and took the whole pre climax into a different level.

These are some of the few memorable supporting characters that propelled the film’s life in our hearts and minds.