Thalapathy combo back in Marathi?

Thalapathy is a great cult movie directed by Mani Ratnam that helped Rajnikanth to become South Indian Superstar in early 90’s. Before Baasha, he needed a big film to make him popular as an actor and Mani Ratnam’s film did the magic. Along with showing him in a new light it also brought him with Malayalam star hero, Mammotty. The chemistry between the actors as friends made the movie what it is today along with all the greatness of the technicians and story telling.

Now, the combination is said to be back after 27 years for a movie in Marathi. Rajnikanth’s Kaala, is said to have the reunion but it is not confirmed by makers yet. When it comes to Marathi movie, the makers have announced it and actors haven’t released any information that will contradict that statement. So, we assume that it is definitely happening next year after both the actors complete their prior commitments.

The movie will be directed by writer of Idak, Marathi movie that is raking in praises at IFFI, Goa. The characters they will be playing in the movie haven’t been announced yet. Will that be a retelling of Thalapathy in Marathi in different style or will it be a completely different movie, we have to wait and see. Anyways, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad is the real name of Rajnikanth and watching him in a Marathi film will be great.