TFI bandh on first March!

Telugu Film Industry has decided to take the matters seriously in their fight with the digital video projection giants Qube and others. They don’t want the Monopoly to continue and they are trying to establish some favourable terms to medium and low budget filmmakers as it is increasingly getting difficult to secure screens and then pay the rent to projection in also those screens at the high rates the Qube services are demanding.

A producer council member said, ” We have been fighting for this cause from a long time but the service providers as acting as if they are the ultimate in this Industry. They are not letting the new technology to flourish and trying to snub the competition by various means, so that the producers don’t have any other source but them and have to listen to their demands helplessly.”

He then said about the resolution the TFPC demand and expect from this bandh. He said, ” We are planning to go for a bandh on March 1st, in protest to the digital movie projection service providers. We won’t be working on that day and no theatres will also work. We want them to come to have a discussion with us in an amicable atmosphere but they are pushing us to even go for legal fight. A small or medium production company needs some respite to make good films and if exhibition also becomes too costly, then no medium budget producer will be able to survive. More than the big producers, it is the small and medium budget films, that keep the industry going with mass production.”