Telugu Writer writes in Hindi for Amitabh!

One writer belonging to one language writing in another is a rare feet. Not many writers have done that successfully and when such a thing happens in reality, we have to give the writer his or her due credit. If you have noticed, most Telugu people are finding their place in National news these days. SS Rajamouli and his epic creation, Baahubali2 have become the most discussed topics among National media and film circles. Such is the impact and recently, with Krish starting Manikarnika based on Rani of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai real life story, starring Kangana Ranaut, he also became part of the discussions. Among the writers, Vijayendra Prasad as become the centre of attraction as he wrote Baahubali and Bhajrangi Bhaijaan.

Now another Telugu writer has created a sensation. He wrote a song in Hindi for none other than Amitabh Bachchan for Sarkar3. Ram Gopal Verma directorial Sarkar3 will soon hit the celluloid and the director is doing all he can to create enough buzz for the movie. In the series, Sarkar is treated as modern day classic and Sarkar Raj also became a box office hit. For the movie, long time associate of RGV, Sirasri wrote a song in Hindi. He is the first South Indian to do so in a while.

The writer confirmed this with great excitement and he shared that while working on music with composer Ravi Shankar, he wrote few lines for a tune. The composer impressed by them asked him finish the full song and even the track singer, Navraj Hansh liked the lyrics. Most interesting fact is that Ram Gopal Verma was unaware of all this and when composer sent him the song, then he got to know that Sirasri wrote the lyrics of the song. He immediately called the writer and congratulated him. All songs from Sarkar3 have been released and you can listen to them on YouTube, to find out what song was written by our Telugu writer.

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