Taxiwala rakes in more curiosity!

Vijay Devarakonda is known for his attitude and he has a knack of delivering very entertaining speeches at pre-release events. He came up with yet another entertaining speech at Taxiwala pre-release event.

“Jakes Bejoy, the music composer of this film, got to know that his father is suffering with Cancer but he flew from Cochin to Hyderabad to work for this movie with all his love. Vishnu who is a good actor resorted to work as a photographer and I requested him to act in this movie.

Writer Sai before this movie decided to sell off his land but as he got money from producers changed his decision.

Priyanka is debuting with this film and she was devastated hearing it got pirated. Rahul Sankritiyan faced many troubles for years due to his passion and finally got a go ahead from a big production house.

For all these people it is life. This movie becoming a hit or a flop will determine their careers. How could you pirate a 3 and half hours rough cut with no sound, no graphics and no VFX? How could those who all watched it, watch without realising these facts?” questioned Vijay.

The actor speech is trending on YouTube and he raised a discussion regarding the movie watching and the experience it provides on social media. Taxiwala, his next film is releasing on 17th November.