Vijay Devarakonda has delivered solid hits fo become a crazy actor in the eyes of youth today. Even though his Taxiwaala got pirated prior to release, his fans are sure to give him a good welcome on the opening day at the box office. Let’s discuss how the movie is now …

Plot: Shiva (Vijay Devarakonda) doesn’t have big credentials to find a job that suits his personality. Unable to fight it out with the simple jobs he arranges for money with the help of his brother (Ravi Prakash) and his wife (Kalyani). With the money he buys a vintage car and uses it as a taxi. He meets Anusha (Priyanka) and falls in love with her. But he finds out that his taxi is possessed. What happens next? Watch it on screen.

Performances: Vijay Devarakonda as an actor is growing in terms of screen presence and body language. He is able to come up with variations but his dialogue delivery is killing freshness. It seems like we are watching same Vijay Devarakonda film after film. If he concentrates on that he will be even bigger star for sure.

Priyanka Jawalkar is beautiful. Malavika Nair got a cameo kind of a role but she did leave an impact. Shiju, Kalyani, Yamuna and others are good. Vishnu is hilarious.

Technicalities: Jakes Bejoy is the major asset of the film. His BGM elevated many emotions and simple scenes as well. He understood the major story and plot so well, that his variations to themes are a delight to listen.

Sujith Sarang did his best for the budget and the way he world with DI and VFX artists to set the mood of the film is commendable. His lighting schemes and staging are good examples for starters to get an idea on what works for a scene.

Sreejith Sarang came up with his best to cut the movie the way, we see it now. It works mainly because of his smooth cut and hassle-free pacing.

Rahul Sankrityan as the writer and director of the film did try to add a new twist to normal horror comedy. He used parakaya pravesam or astral projection well enough. But the movie lacks a punch and that is the drawback for it. Dejavu feeling kills any novelty in the way Rahul planned to narrate his story. The movie could have been better had he did not depend on regular tropes and tried to come up with even fresh scenes and comedy. Still, he did a fine job.

Analysis: Movies try to deliver good entertainment to audiences. If it works out or not, depends entirely on the way a creative team executes their best possible plans. Some films that work brilliantly on paper may fail in real life. But what appears to be passable on paper can work out really well. It all depends on execution and corrections on the editing table.

Taxiwaala makers seem to have used all the post-production delays to make the film as fool-proof as they can. The movie works mainly because it doesn’t really try to be too serious while it tries to entertain us. It knows what it is aiming to be. Even though movie could have been better, it is definitely a one time easy watch.

Rating: 2.5/5

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