Taxiwaala gets too lucky on the second weekend

Taxiwaala with Vijay Devarakonda as the main lead seems to have struck a big deal with luck. The movie released at a time when no other release is able to impress the audience.

Even in the second weekend, all the films released have become huge disasters. 24 Kisses that made news, Rangu with Big Boss Tanish, Sharabha with huge VFX and LAW became disasters on the first day.

Now, the movie Taxiwaala is going 60 -70% housefulls during the weekend and there is a hope for 40-45% fulls on weekdays till, 2.0 lands in the theatres on 29th November.

Already, movie collected Rs. 17 crore share Worldwide and it is a Blockbuster as the budget on the movie spent is less than 8 crores. A great start for Priyanka Jawalkar, Vishnu (Hollywood) and Rahul Sankrityan.