Tarun looking to make a comeback

Actor Tarun has been one of the biggest romantic heroes of Telugu Cinema in the early 2000’s. He became the quintessential lover boy in his early 20’s and late 20’s. But as he grew older, the stories did not suit his image and they did not help him much to keep up with just the love stories. He tried hard to deviate from them but the market space did not accept him and he had to take a big break from the films.

After a long time, he is ready to comeback with Idi Naa Love Story. Oviya Helen, the Tamil actress who got popular with Bigg Boss in Tamil, is playing the lead role in this movie. The movie is a remake of Kannada film, Simple Agi Ondu Love Story. The actor is looking to announce a comeback with this movie but it has been waiting in the wings due to some technical issues in the production.

Now, the actor is promising to definitely release it for February,14th. The movie promises to be a new age love story with all the right emotions being exploited by the makers. Srinath Vijay is composing the movie and Ramesh Gopi is directing the film.