Suresh Babu supports Pawan Kalyan’s decision!

Producer Suresh Babu, brother of Venkatesh and father of Rana Daggubati, said in his media interaction that he believes every person is entitled to have their opinion. He said if Pawan Kalyan feels he can do better at politics then he should be given chance. He said many wrote off NTR when he decided to enter the politics but he proved to be successful more than any believed. Also, Rajasekhar Reddy had to spend more than 15 years in Opposition before he rose to become the undisputed leader and win election twice with unprecedented majority. Similarly, we should give him a chance before targeting his every move and also see how he plans achieve his goals and his intention to do service.

He then commented that Telugu Cinema Industry is a river that flows and many can come and go. It won’t stop for one and dry out with one person. He also talked about the recent comments made by Vishal and Rajnikanth. Both asked reviewers to wait at least for first weekend before publishing their reviews and this became quite a sensation. There were many who opposed and joined the bandwagon but Suresh Babu asserted that such an idea doesn’t hold any merit in the social media revolution world today.

He said, “Many will have problems with some one having an effect on their monetary income without any stake. They will be hurt and this is one such suggestion. It won’t hold true as it would be going against ‘Right to free speech’ of those reviewers. In fact, Reviewers help a small film like Pelli Choopulu and even Ghazi and Guru, benefitted due to those reviews. We can only accept them as a reality and concentrated on improving our content than giving such suggestions”. He continued, ” Small film producers should think about their product before complaining about others. They should see if they can bring audience to theatre with good packaging and content than talking about other issues. It is better to concentrate on content and hope reviews will be good and even mouth talk so that that will help further the course of the movie”.

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