Superstar’s first love!

Superstar Rajnikanth has always been this simple guy outside and the larger than life star on-screen. He is seen as a God by his fans and even though he doesn’t support that ideology, he doesn’t fight their affection towards him at any stage. The actor has been thinking about not doing many more films as he is nearing 70, but he wants to do something back to his fans and audience, so that he can thank them for all the riches and love they gave him all these years.

Rajnikanth also shared that he did love a girl during his school days. He said, ” I am not going to announce the name, but yes, I did fall in love with a girl during my high school days. I liked the feeling and really, loved her. It is not just infatuation. I cannot forget as it is always hard to forget your first love.”

Then he also revealed how he developed his distinctive style and mannerisms. The actor said, ” I used to show all the styles as a bus conductor to impress girls. K. Balachander, my guru watched me doing all the stylish mannerisms and then, advised me to never leave them. He wanted to portray them on screen and that’s what made me such a big star.” He announced recently, that he will be giving up all his assets to people after the die, and turn his home into a trust building before making political entry. Fans are eagerly waiting for his films, 2.0 and Kaala.