Sunil needs to mend his ways?

Well, actor Sunil Verma has been in dire need of box office success. His earlier films, Krishnastami, Eedu Gold Ehe became huge disasters without even playing at the theatre for one day to full shows. Now, the actor is facing allegations that he interferes in the job of the director and writer, too much after facing failure. The actor did have a successful start to his lead man career with hits like Andala Ramudu, Maryadaramanna and Poola Rangadu. He did find a moderate success with multi-starrer, Thadakha and since, then he is facing problems at the box office with different films.

His recent film, Eedu Gold Ehe became the biggest disaster of the Dusserah release season and the actor took the hit too personally, as per his close associates. The actor accepted to star in the movies, Ungarala Rambabu directed by Kranthi Madhav and another movie in N. Shankar’s direction. Ungarala Rambabu started a year ago and the film was supposed to release in summer season, after Demonetization delays.

The sources claim that the delay of the movie was due to unrelenting interference of Sunil in the script and he kept on changing it as much as he pleases. Due to this, the director, Kranthi Madhav threatened to leave the movie, but producers requested the maker of Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju to complete the movie. Well, soon the release date of the movie will be announced it seems and the other movie, in N.Shankar direction, Malayalam movie, two countries movie is also nearing completion. May be Sunil should let directors worry about their job!

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