Sukumar – Mahesh seems to have buried the hatchet

Sukumar and Mahesh Babu’s movie is one of the most reported developments in TFI recent history and the two are said to have an ego clash which resulted in cancellation of the movie altogether.

Producers of the film, Mythri Movie Makers are not delighted with this development and are trying to make sure that at least Mahesh27 will happen in their banner and the combination will come true as well.

As off now, Geetha Arts, Dil Raju and Mythri Movie Makers are looking to grab the opportunity to produce 27th film of Mahesh with various directors. There is an outside chance for Mahesh and Trivikram to re-unite too.

Anyways, Sukumar decided to mend the wedge and he flew to Chennai, where Maharishi shooting is happening to meet Mahesh and talked at length, it seems. Let’s see if the duo will put everything aside and work again?