Sudheer Verma says Keshava will be different!

Keshava theatrical trailer released recently and the concept of the movie got many people to stand up and notice the uniqueness. Nikhil Siddhartha is coming with his Swamy Ra Ra director Sudheer Verma this time and the director promises, trailer is nothing but just a tease and there is much more in the film to look forward to. Sudheer talked to media about the movie that is slated for a release on 19th of May.

He said, “After DohChay, I understood rather than continuing with same actors and similar situations, it is better to bring in fresh cast for this movie and that worked for me. This is plain revenge drama of a Brahmin boy who has a difficult heart condition. The film remains true to the point and Ritu Verma is a law student in the movie.” On taking Isha Koppikar in the movie, ” I wanted a known face but also someone with an image. I thought Isha fits the bill and she carried the role very well on screen.”

When asked why he wanted serve a cold blooded revenge this time, the director said, “I believe in stories that excite me. I see many hollywood movies and get inspired from them. I give credit to those original creators all the time and even this time I would do so. But mind you, it is not easy to just copy so you take inspiration to understand the idea behind it and try to execute it in your own way.” The director is set to start his next with Sharwanand and he revealed, ” To flush out any details about the project at this moment will be highly premature. I knew Nikhil, Sharwa from long time and when Sharwa asked me to do a movie with him, I wrote the story. I will approach the big stars when I have a script ready for them.” He signed off saying, “Keshava will be more about giving you an edge of the seat experience with a compelling story than just being about creative kills.”

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