SS Rajamouli’s dream project!

SS Rajamouli has been taking his own time to announce his next project. He worked on Baahubali for more than 6 years and post Eega, even though he wanted to make a low budget film, he went to unleash the epic visuals on Indian Screen with Baahubali. The Mahismathi Kingdom and the world around the characters of Baahubali have become so popular that Baahubali themed weddings and social parties have become a norm.

After such a huge blockbuster, he wanted to follow it up with a story that is simple but he wants to get Baahubali out of his system. For that, he is concentrating on his dream project, his ideal home close to the nature. Apparently, he bought 120 acres of land near the outskirts of Hyderabad and he is developing that land into a beautiful farmhouse.

In 2 acres he will build a house and in rest of it he will develop lakes, underground water seeping tanks to support 50 acres of Mango and Banana trees. In some part of the land, he will cultivate vegetables, other fruits it seems. Also, he will himself develop the roads leading to the place. He always wanted to enjoy cultivation along with being close to the nature. So, he developed this idea of a farm house and accordingly, he got busy in constructing his dream house. Soon, he will make an announcement about his next film too.