Srinu Vaitla 2.0 coming our way?

Srinu Vaitla has always promised that he will entertain his audience no doubt whatsoever the story is. He made comedy his major weapon and good comedy tracks helped his movie to be highly successful than strong story.

But his comedy tracks turned too monotonous and formulaic in his recent films. He delivered three big disasters, so decided to change his track from being an out and out comedy director to serious filmmaker it seems.

While he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans he does want to show everyone that is his 2.0 version of filmmaking that we will witness from him now on. Amar Akbar Anthony will be the introduction of that upgraded version it seems.

The promotions of the film have started but the buzz for the film is not as high as we expect for Ravi Teja – Srinu Vaitla combination.