Sri Valli cannot be made by another director : Vijayendra Prasad!

Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan have made K Vijayendra Prasad so famous among the filmmakers in India that he is now, the most sought after writer in India. While he is busy giving stories to movies like Vijay’s Mersal, Krrish’s Manikarnika and Rajamouli’s next, he directed a movie called, Sri Valli. It is releasing this Friday, that is, 15th of September. He shared many things about this sci-fi fantasy thriller to media.

He said, “The movie will be something that no one has ever attempted in World Cinema. We are proud of that fact and also careful in getting the facts right. In a socia fantasy or a mythology, I can take my characters to any location or do anything with them but the same is not true with science fiction. I needed to be sure. That took a lot of time and also, the graphics work took even more time, resulting in delay. As the story came out of me I thought no body except me can make the movie so I directed it.”

He continued, “This story is based on Telekinesis and that is one part of energy that we did not tap in our daily lives too. So, it is more of an exploration drama too. The movie has surprised many directors who watched it and I’m sure audience will be thrilled to watch it too.” Talking about his other projects, “Mersal is almost done and while working on the movie, A.R. Rahman asked me to write screenplay for his directorial movie. I’m still to reply to that. Already the work on Manikarnika is going on at a brisk pace and I have all the faith on Krrish and his abilities. We are discussing some stories for Rajamouli’s next but we haven’t locked on anything yet. Surely, I will try to write Mahabharatam and Magadheera-2 for Rajamouli to fit in his tastes.”

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