Social media supports and trolls Kaushal Army

Bigg Boss game show has become a huge talking point in the social media circuit and also around the Internet. Everyone knows what is happening in the house and who is the favorite contestant of many. Kaushal has become so big as a contestant that his fans called their group an army. After Oviya from Bigg Boss Tamil, Kaushal is the only contestant to become so big.

His fans have been against everyone in the house who ever trolled their favorite and the votes have been polling at a record level for Kaushal every week. Now, on Sunday, his fans called for a walk and more than 5k people attended it. This is unprecedented for any Bigg Boss contestant and people are talking about it on social media.

While few are happy about the support a person is receiving. Many are saying that for a TV Reality show and game show this is too much and they are even condemning that the cause for the walk should have been much useful when people suffering with many problems. Anyways, fans are happy that the event has become a success and their motto seems to be to prove that they are not paid or fake.