Social media doesn’t warm up for this EDM song! – Filmy Focus

SS Thaman is a music composer who has some polarising fans who either like his work immensely or doesn’t like it at all. His recent works have not been upto the mark and fans have been waiting for him to show the spark again. He did make a great noise with his BGM scores for Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy and Raju Gari Gadhi-2. Many fans thought he is going to make a great comeback into the fore like Devi Sri Prasad who is now, the toast of the season but few days back he had to work in other languages while, Thaman was going great.

His album for Dussehra, Mahanubhavudu is being unveiled one single at a time and the composer promised a complete different album from his earlier ones with this. He released his first single, Mahanubhavude ra and many thought the song is too synth dominated. Now, he is released his second single from the album promising it to be more EDM and also, the EDM song of the year.

Social media has found that the song has no qualities like EDM. As it is more common electronic pop than EDM. Many have been slamming him for this. It is also been more routine song of Thaman in recent years and it reminds us of his Race Gurram and Thikka work. He needed to use the pitches rise and drops in the music and also, a blast of dance form for the music to explode for an EDM track but he composed a plain regular Thaman synth number. So, people have been trolling him. In any case, this song from Mahanubhavudu starring Sharwanand, Mehreen Prizada has become the talk of the day and you can hear it here!

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