Singam 3

Well, I would like to tell one thing here, do not ever ever even in your dreams try to have a conversation with director Hari. He might just run 10k mile in one second and you might left catching up and wondering. Wandering cluelessly in a forest would be more fruitful than watching the world of Singam created by Hari. Yeah, if you don’t believe it, then just read further to know more!

PLOT : Well like in umpteen cop stories, this is also a cop chases a criminal story. Here Narasimham (Suriya) is already established and you don’t need any remainders but you do get some courtesy, Hari and his screenplay. After being subjected several unnecessary twists and turns we end up coming to know that Narasimham is appointed by Karnataka Police to investigate the Commissioner murder mystery that has been covered by Reddy (Sharath Saxena) in the guidance of Vittal (Thakur Anoop Singh). Why did they kill someone so powerful? How Narasimham became Yamudu for them? Forms the rest of the story. An unnecessary thread of Sruthi Hassan as an investigate journalist is added for songs. Kavya (Anushka) returns back here as well.

Performances : Well, what can one say about an accomplished actor like Suriya who tries various characters from time to time and nail them perfectly. He has knack of making a weak scene look convincing with his performance and he believes in Narasimham much more than anyone. Once again he delivers a knock out punch as a Lion in the film. Yet times he was deprived of correct help from the script but still he makes it all worth it. Anushka and Sruthi Hassan are in the movie for songs and to fill up some cliched template that Yamudu series has been following religiously. If Hansika Motwani looked like a refreshing addiction to part 2, here Srudhi looks an add on extra luggage racked up due to lack of dates from Anushka and also her out of shape body. May be makers felt for need to increase the glamour. Anushka as soon as possible if she can loose her weight that would be great for her fans and her producers too.

Rest of all the cast are there to run around get beaten up to pulp and deliver most cliched lines in even more cliched ways without any novelty. The novelty in Yamudu was a strong character like Prakash Raj and Yamudu2/ Singam had at least two interest elements going on. Here except for Suriya no others have characters and comic relief is too draggy and boring except for one or two adult punches.

Technicalities : Durai Singam in Tamil, Bajirao Singham in Hindi and Narasimham in Telugu, have become so popular and noteworthy due to the strength of characterisation but not just because actors worked hard on their body and looks. Director seems to have forgotten what made Yamudu, Yamudu and kept on adding unnecessary elements that in no way help the story through out the film. He tried to celebrate the character in a loud way but at times the very unique thing becomes too repeated and we get nothing new on platter to enjoy. Cinematography by Priyan tries to suit the character of Hari films and he succeeds to the most part. Actually, the makers tried really hard to make Vizag look like Mangalore but few obvious giveaways were too in your face to ignore. Editing by V.T Vijayan and T.S. Jay could have been even more crispy than they did as the movie drags on without any goal especially, towards the end. The fun lies in catching a big fish but when it is in our aquarium then it is matter of finding the perfect net.

Music by Harris Jayaraj is one major downer for the movie and his too loud Back Ground Score tries to infuse lot of energy but yet times less is more and when you don’t know when even after 15 years of a successful career then we cannot expect much more from the person. Things that only Hari can do have been served up in double doses in the movie here. His camera never seems to know being stable or rigid at any place. It should move or either run at 15 frames per second. Once in a while it is allowed 24 fps and 70 fps too. Well, towards the climax has he doesn’t have a clear cut strong character as a villain he had to depend on mant things to let himself believe those will work big time. The investigation in this film runs around one point and keeps moving at that one point only. We get to see lot of tools, lots and lots of terminology of law thrown in there but all that is just to make to sit for next scene rather than stitching it out. Once you see the climax you tend to feel he could have easily put a fight in the 3rd or 4th reel of the film in similar way and end it as a short film. That would have served even better here.

Analysis : There are clever homages to their previous two films but the template becomes too old to like it anymore. It just seems like a repetition rather than necessary evil. One enjoyed the in your face approach and loud portrayals in previous two films, having said that there were one or two unique things that differentiate between two. Here it is just a mix of what all you in a pacy way to let you forget by the end of the screening. It is highly recommended to watch the previous movies rather than this one as there is nothing upgraded except for pace here.

Rating : 2.25/5

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