Shivani to debut with ‘Arjun Reddy’!

Arjun Reddy fame, Vijay Devarakonda is one of the fast growing popular actors in Telugu movie. Acting besides this young actor will be a golden chance to any actress now. Ritu Verma became a popular actress in South Cinema as she did a VR short film for Baahubali series and also, doing films in Tamil too. His other heroine, Shalini Pandey is on a raise ever since Arjun Reddy.

Now, he has already signed many movies with different production houses. Each of the films have different young actresses and hero, Rajasekhar is also looking to introduce his daughter, Shivani. She has been in talks to debut in Tamil and Telugu. There have been rumours about her doing a film with young heroes in Tamil after completing her medicine.

In an interview, Rajasekhar described that his daughter is ready to debut as an actress. But they want her to complete the training and gain MBBS, before she can full fledgedly take acting as a career. He also said that he liked Arjun Reddy alot and wants his daughter to act with Vijay Devarakonda. So, soon the actor will make an official announcement about Shivani’s launch once everything is finalised.