Sharwanand and Sudheer to make a mafia thriller?

Sharwanand is one of the most sought after actors these days in Telugu Film Industry. After the actor decided to open up and do more comic roles from his intense films, the actor found more success at the box office. His movies, Run Raaja Run, Express Raja, Shatamanam Bhavati, Radha all have good doses of comedy and the actor’s next movie, Mahanubhavudu is also a romantic comedy with him playing a guy with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The teaser of the film has become a big success and the actor is looking fresh alongside, sexy looking Mehreen. Now, he decided to change that pattern of comic roles for his next. He wants to make a movie that will once again bring back his intensity on screen and Sudheer Verma has taken up that job. The director who is known for his experimentation and unconventional approach towards cinema will be making a mafia thriller with the actor as per the reports.

“ The movie will be a new intense thriller for Sharwanand. The actor who has been playing light-hearted roles from past few films has decided to break that and do a film like Prasthanam. Sudheer had a story exactly like that and he narrated the script recently. The actor has accepted to go forward and the movie will start shooting in September,” shared a source close to the director and actor. The movie is about a young guy who becomes a mafia lord and what he does after that is being dealt in an interesting fashion as per the buzz.

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