Shankar doesn’t share stories, does he?

Shankar is waiting for the audience verdict on his 2.0 and the movie is releasing on 29th November. There is an Industry rumour that he doesn’t like to tell full stories to even his actors.

In an interview he elaborated about it, “I don’t even share my stories with my kids or family. I like to keep them close to my heart and reveal mostly at theatres. Actors don’t take offence as they know me and my style of working.

My kids are quite intrigued about my stories. I don’t share even with them what I am going to say in the movie. They try to figure it all out by listening to me intently while taking on phone and discussing few things that are urgent at home which cannot wait till I reach office.

I tend to keep my office and home separate but spend most of my time at work. So, for them it is a fascination to know what my next story is all about. They see pictures I take on the mobile, they read news and listen to my conversations and finally, come to me with a bunch of papers and a story written on them.

I read it and laugh out loud, saying that they were wrong and when they see the film, they get it,” shared Shankar.