Shambho Shankara

When you walk into a theatre you want to get entertained to the maximum but only films really live up to that promise. Few films are so bad that being very serious they make us roll on the floor and laugh out loud. We think we saw one such film and would love to share our experience.


From 50 years, Ankallammapalle is under the rule of a Zamindar family and the evil son of that family is now the President (Ajay Gosh) of the village. Shankar (Shankar) can only revolt against him as he has the guts and muscle power.

Shankar falls in love with Parvathi (Karunya Chowdary) and they announce their relationship to the entire village. Shankar’s ideology and intolerant nature towards the crimsters frustrates his elder brother (Ravi Prakash). With them always on the verge of a war, only their sister can make act as a bridge between them. One day she gets raped and killed. What happens next? How did Shankar react? Watch the movie, if you couldn’t guess the story …


Shankar successfully overacts to every scene and even tries to mock Pawan Kalyan and many others. It is like we are watching his extended Jabardasth skit which takes itself highly serious forgetting it is a comedy.

Karunya Chowdary tried her best to react and overreact but her character gives her no scope. No other actor gives a good performance as they all are given a task to overact and only overact.


Rajasekhar, the cinematographer of this movie is given only one task that makes the film look like a no-budget film and use only natural light for lighting purpose.

Chota K. Prasad, the editor of the movie, forgot to place the good scenes in the final cut and make an edit with all the outtakes. One feels so, after watching the film.

Sai Kartheek, tried his best to remix of his old tunes to make them sound like new and even tried to score well for the scenes. But they did not have any strength as the writer was aiming for extra strong and heavy emotions in them.

Sreedhar N, the director the film thought making a film is as easy as trying to make a marriage video or editing some random shots to make no sense. He succeeded in making a film that looks like a remake of 10 different films. On top of that, it also makes us laugh out loud with its serious sequences, which is a rare feet to achieve.


As a filmmaker, everyone dreams about making a good film and successful film. Few just go out of the line and few try to make something out of what all they have seen and liked over the years. This film belongs to those people who make a movie out of all the movies they have seen till date. And the last word on this effort is that it makes us very nostalgic about the films that we love and cringe about loving them, at the same time. A unique feeling that you never really want to experience.

Rating: 0/5