Shamanthakamani is a great diamond in our mythology and whenever we pray to Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chatruthi, the story of the diamond is a must. For that diamond which is wealth provider, Lord Krishna fights with Jambhavantha and wins the battle after a long hurdle. So, what did Krishna in this movie achieve? Let’s talk about the movie in detail..

Plot : Krishna (Sudheer Babu) misses his mother (Kousalya) who died in an accident before his birthday. He believes that the car Shamanthakamani, which is promised by her in his young age, as a birthday gift from her when his father, Jagan Mohan (Suman) buys the vintage rolls royce for 5 crores in an auction. Krishna wants to take the car and celebrate his mother’s birthday. Karthik (Aadi Saikumar) wants to go to US for education as his love also studies there. But being a son of a astrologer (Tanikella Bharani) he is unable to do so.

He ends up driving Shamantakamani one night. Uma Maheshwara Rao (Rajendra Prasad) is a talented mechanic and he loves the widow vegetable vendor (Indraja). One day he takes her to a party and opens the Shamanthakamani with a person, who poses as the owner of the car, Shiva (Sundeep Kishan)’s permission. Shiva needs the car to kiss a girl (Ananya Sai) and he travels in the car as well. Ranjith Kumar ( Nara Rohit) tries to find out who stole the car among these men and why?

Performances : Nara Rohit tries to come up with a convincing performance as the cop but he doesn’t look as tough as the film projects him to be. His portrayal of the corrupted cop is not upto the mark and the actor needed some support from the writer as well. But he did his best and he is not the negative point of this movie. Sudheer Babu fails to deliver on his promise in Bhale Manchi Roju. The movie just projects him as one spoilt brat but the actor is unable to deliver the performance that the character needs. In fact, in a monologue where he could shine he just gives a laughable performance.

Aadi SaiKumar tries hard in a role that did not suit him at all. The movie tries to give him an emotional love story but the actor doesn’t pull off a short tempered and quick to jump the gun character well enough. his portrayal is the most weakest point for the movie. Sundeep Kishan once again proves that he is a good talent and he delivers good performance as a cheated lover. He does his best in the combination scenes with Rajendra Prasad.

Rajendra Prasad is the pillar of strength for this movie and his chemistry with indraja helps the movie well. His comic timing is in full flow. Raghu also delivers good punches. Hema, Tanikella Bharani, Suman and Giridhar are good enough in their limited roles. Ananya Sai and Chandini Chowdary doesn’t impress us much but they look as pretty as their characters need them to be.

Technicalities : Sameer Reddy, tries hard to give the movie different colors and tone. But his work doesn’t shine much. He fails to delver on the much required intensity for the movie even though his frames look highly classy and colourful. Visual richness doesn’t just mean saturated colours but it also needs a perfect hue and necessary lighting quality to the story. Prawin Pudi as an editor for this movie seems to have slept through the first half as the movie picks up some pace in the second half. The movie does try to give a completeness to the story and plot but it fails miserably in the end. As the script is not that strong even the work of the editor doesn’t shine much.

Mani Sharma surprises with his Back Ground Score as he tries to recreate some Hollywood BG scores rather than trying to come up with his original score. His songs also doesn’t help the movie at all. Sriram Adittya, tries hard to narrate a simple story of investigation as a 2 hours movie following many Korean and English movies. He tries too hard to induce fun elements and except for the last half-an-hour his story doesn’t move forward. He spends way much time on back stories and establishment of characters, rather had he tried to talk about them through the investigation, his script and movie would have benefited well.

Analysis : The movie tries to give a character to each of it’s leads but except for Rajendra Prasad and Nara Rohit, none of their characters make any sense. The movie did not need so many actors coming together and it looks like a script written to bring all off them together. The story just needed two characters or three to tell the story, but in trying to extend the plot and runtime, it flatters. The movie doesn’t provide on the promise and we feel it needed much more competent actors for it to make an impact. At most, this is a story film idea that has been dragged out to make it into a film.

Rating : 2/5