Serial Actress Jhansi commits suicide

TV Serial actress, Naga Jhansi who is popular for playing the lead role in the serial, Pavitra Bandham, committed suicide on 5th February night. On 6th morning, her brother found her dead hanging to the wall in her room.

The actress appeared in depression for few days and she did not express why to her friends in detail, it seems. But the family, mainly her mother is saying that Surya, a relative has mentally tortured her in the name of love.

He kept threatening her to come out with him and marry him only, it seems. He threatened her that he will attack with acid, if she doesn’t accept his proposal, it seems.

Well, the boy’s family did not accept for the marriage but the actress family asked him to get their permission before meeting her again, it seems. As she kept threatening her and pressurised her, she committed suicide said family. Police are investigating the case. Whatever may be the reason, she shouldn’t have felt so lonely to kill herself!